Instrumentation & Control

Instrumentation and control engineering is one of the brightest fields in engineering today. If you look at the Indian scenario, there are many people who are willing to make a career in this stream. There are many colleges that provide education in this field, and to top it all, there are "well-paid" jobs as well.

Sharing his views on how instrumentation and control engineering is picking up as a preferred career choice, Nowadays almost all the industries are going for automation. So instrumentation and control engineers have a role to play in all the fields where there is automation. The industries are switching almost all their processes to automation. Students are interested in making career in this stream of engineering because there are job opportunities in this domain.

Instrumentation and control engineering is a specialised stream of engineering that deals with measurement and control of process variables in a production process. This discipline finds its origin in both electrical and electronics engineering, and it covers subjects related to electronics, electrical, mechanical, chemical and computing streams. In short, it deals with measurement, automation and control processes