Electronics & Communication

Evolution of Electronics & Communication engineering can be traced back to late 18th Century, however in 1950 and 1960 breakthrough in semiconductor physics and integrated circuit technology revealed the real potential of this domain. Since then, Electronics & Communication has achieved fastest technology growth ever and has registered its spread in almost all areas of application like consumer electronics, defense and space research, information technology and communication based services, medical electronics, robotics and industrial automation, automobile electronics, surveillance and security, entertainment etc.

The institute being affiliated to Gujarat Technological University, the curriculum, examinations and other academics structures of the department are as per defined by the University.

The department is committed to work toward providing quality education through innovative teaching and learning processes, state of the art facilities and conducive academic ambience. The department, through its team of experienced and dedicated, staff is very keenly preparing its batches for the vast field of opportunities through meticulous study of curriculum and other value addition courses.